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Washers Ideal Zanussi Maintenance

Washers Ideal Zanussi Maintenance lake - Damietta Western -allakeh-
First: Washing machines: -qoh cleaning enormous and washing amazing, the best results with foam wash, touch stylish modern home, and devices Ideal Zanussi high quality, and make sure that your clothing and new clothing quality of your family and add to your home a modern touch and choose stylish Ideal Zanussi washing machines, which is characterized by the effective performance which removes the toughest dirt and very high quality and is preferred and purification as well as advanced multi idealism and varied designs, as you can choose Mainaspk of different and wonderful sizes and models provided by you Ideal Zanussi ,, has been washing machines Zanussi ideal to take care of design Mlabisk.algsalat Specifications: -alsatrh fifth in that Aelloukt.av for control of the property at the time it is a technology that allows the user to control and reduce the time the wash cycle to suit her enough time, and so will be given the possibility to take control of your time. V Digital Display: To display the characteristics of wash steps, time and cycle. V electronic LCD screen Aerddd manual washing program with a marker. V maximum speed of 1000 cycles in sessions minute Arjae follow the instructions when using these washing machines: -1. Check the lack of clothing coins as currency and so on, as this may lead to serious damage to the machine 2. The development of small-scale objects, belts, scarves, tea and others in a cloth bag or pillow in a bag to prevent between 3 and washing basin tube. Use only the recommended amount of detergent because the amount of funds that may harm washing 4. Always make sure all water before discharge to be done to open the door after washing washer 5. Be sure to disconnect the power supply of the device and close the water tap after the completion of the use of 6. Do not let the children touch the controls or play device 7. Always inspect the washer resolved before washing the situation to make sure that there are no things that could hurt or clothes washer 8. Never wash clothes colored white and color with each other may lose the white pieces to a bright color after washing 9. With the colors of new clothes may replace the colors in the first wash so it should be washed separately from the first time to be washed 10 when washing clothes and furnishings cotton fills Haile without Trakm.oajb that industrial fabrics more than Stha.aloqmhh kind and Sufi is loaded Haile to one-third more of Hilla. 11. Wash provides maximum load in the energy and water sectors and low wash very dirty download size 12. Shahu not be used in the washing machine left the door open a bit
This keeps the door rubber and prevents odor pond.
II: Refrigerators: - * Please be sure to close the refrigerator door up and down so tightly cooling does not leak out of the refrigerator * should not put food or hot drinks directly * Must refrigerator separated once at least once at least every week, and discharged from the contents washed soap liquid and leave the doors open for half an hour even get rid of smells in * There should be no pungent food odors next to each other * (should not put the fish next to meat or bread) Example * Ensure bags used to store * Do not use any sharp in peeling his family in the snow or extract food from the refrigerator. * Do not click on the button dinner except in cases of extreme necessity may not be effective left button for more than Saahda in appropriate quantities fridge of fruits and vegetables Tazjh.alh sharp To remove ice from the refrigerator can not happen Even the hole, but the national electricity separation of the refrigerator in the middle of the night in the morning easy to clean without effort.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Three: Heaters: -adm heater Zanussi highest levels of safety for the existence of five elements of safety. The most important safety against an ongoing process for more than 20 minutes to the automatic heater exhaust to prevent accumulation and protection in case you forget Alzhab.- gas water heater Zanussi screen provider of the new digital technology degree shows Ahararh.- Zanussi gas heater to ignite automatic work automatically open when the water within 3 Thoan- Three keys to control the amount of gas, water and Alvsol.amkink control the temperature and the amount of Almiahalta run on liquefied natural gas and Odaeadskhan automatically works with pressure Almiahaaml less pressure Almiahevsal turned on the heater automatically when the torch any circumstance Alzerofotstkhaddm there are security factors to provide maximum Alhamaihardadm suit Jamilmsna of the best materials Vatba instructions when using these heaters: -euenbga application tips to avoid buying Chinese heaters made, and is compensated German, Italian, French geysers buy from world known brands, which is characterized by the high quality and safety for many years, and there is a small device installed near known as Geyser de Carbon or what is known as-one carbon dioxide, and this device voice strong warning issued when there is a gas leak minimum, which contributes to saving the lives of family Bokmlha- work on the separation of electricity for heating and not to run in Alsif.- season regulator mode when the degree temperature 60 ° C or less than the maximum degree to avoid the explosion because of Amola.- well water valves close when not in use the heater .------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------ IV: -alsalamh self-ignite ,, ,, Ahawaahvi low Altdvihforeig Orjhawae with Mahrkfrn bulb Aladhaehalkristal Zjajaazim cover ignite the flame to Thelathitschan double glazing Frentermustadt to regulate the degree Frensmam Alomanlon stainless Superman handles heat Alosaudatba FAQ When using the following: - It is very important to have a place that will be installed LPG where good ventilation to ensure the safe operation of the cooker regular gas ..- not put butane device directly into the wall, but at least should be at a distance of 15 centimeters, which has been detected on liquefied petroleum gas hose from time to time and are replaced by a new one in Alsnh- avoid butane gas in the air put away for a place in order not to extinguish the flame when using butane gas ..- avoid putting butane in places fabrics, such as curtains, furniture or any other materials are flammable butane ..- place in a remote location at the entrances and exits of air conditioners ..- be the subject of LPG on flat land and herringbone ..- Eyes that you need after the completion of the preparation of food in order to save gas - must close the gas valve or close the cylinder or the separation of electricity when you stop using butane gas for a long time ..- oven ten minutes before Alasthaddam.- for the economy in a timely manner after placing the food in the oven and calm down the fire before the expiration of the prescribed period to maturity of five minutes, turn off the oven and leave the food temperature inside the oven is sufficient to complete the maturity .-------------------------- ------------------------ -------------------------- ----------- V: microwave: -almikrowiv Zanussi - a "shortcut cooking" time cooking and haunted as Tredla need to spend more time in the kitchen, microwave Zanussi ease and speed in food preparation and thawed frozen food is heated quickly and ready dishes or leftovers Bsrah.almikrowiv Zanussi is the best in the Egyptian market, which recorded the highest level Alambietefi period 2009-2014.almikrowiv Zanussi widely fits largest Hjmaalmikrowiv dishes stand-alone power ,, grill: 1000 and Attbd automatic Almvebataharh end Thieber.s. Tabkhchach LED display click on buttons to choose Taqhalaketronah clock with timer 2 can be set to run two programs in a row + lighting in places Amolqhchamlh Accessories: Stand Ahawaahhjm user (L) 31.54 and 18.5 silver and white color ,, material inside the microwave cover and steel color follow the instructions on the use of microwave as follows : - * Beware put any objects reflect light inside the microwave. * Avoid the microwave and placed next to the washing machine or refrigerator. * In the case of the door of the microwave open Please device first chapter before opening the door. * For your safety, do not put your hand inside the microwave and an hour before or ring or Allied Anyla hand exposure to the high degree of radiation heat. * before embarking on a microwave cleaning please disconnect from Almqpsahlvh currency: amendments: - purifies the air and dust removal is a friend of the environment where the fresh air enters only in Algervh.- allowed conditioning keeps track of your place in the remote control remote sensing selection of temperature feel the surrounding property and adjust the air conditioning in proportion to the temperature Almtalobh.- contains a remote control sensor for temperature device in select tracks your place of air conditioning and air conditioning this option and adjusted to fit the desired temperature where the unit is installed on the wall of the room temperature Mrihh.- cooling faster using a quick fan for 20 minutes and then set up fan automatically goes to the previous setting is a simple way for rapid cooling touch one- Turbo Turbo property used machine up to the required cooling temperature as soon as Memkn.- with automatic cleaning property to leave your machine cleans itself of impurities and dust property and Jerathim.- you are installing the proper temperature for the body during sleep, thereby acting on the air conditioning less electricity consumption and the device works with the power of low pressure, which in turn device Hamaih.- the use of low level air system noise and enjoy .- A deep sleep at a constant temperature and little consumption of Alkahraba.atba instructions when using the following modifications: - * Must operating particularly when the main work in close air-conditioning * must be separated from the device and the remote control unit or chapter of a button * the existing device should be placed external cover alone during the winter period * can not be separated and run the device in order to keep operating the card --------------------------- ----------------------- --------------------------- ---------- seventh: Dishwashers: -gsalat saucers 60 cm 45 cm ,, ,, and small, and you view the screen time, which describes the time it would take ownership Algsilalsriah program Algselber.s. rapid washing only 30 minutes is an excellent program when want dishes quickly Nzivhgsalh Zanussi start Bnevshamesh automatic start and dishes comfort Zanussi want to know how long it will Tbdogsalh Zanussi AAA washing dishes Zanussi is not only effective in cleaning and drying, but also keeps the energy and Almalatba instructions when using the washing machine the following dishes: - 1 good cleaner: - must choose a good type of dishwashing own detergent as it is necessary to follow the instructions Entries him, but to add more powder makes more clean dishes, but on the contrary, it has left some of the effects of tools Mshouk.- 2 accumulation tools: - It is very useful to exploit all the space inside the device, but do not because it hinders the cleaning process may lead to Takbtha of RSA tools so each of them gets enough space for Tnziv.- 3 leave the leftovers: - dishes all new washers high efficiency to remove the leftovers without the need to be cleaned in advance, however Washing machines best may be affected with a large number of leftovers so I'm keen always to remove all waste before stack them up to work Bkivah.- 4 development tools is safe: - all the ladies eager to put everything into the washing machine, but some of the raw materials can not be placed inside at all like wood, copper, iron, glassware thin or flour, or any other material Amnh.- 5 sort method: - but there are some observations that must be taken into account such as the development of thin pieces in the top shelf, as well as cups and sultans. It is fed dishes and cooking utensils and reduce severe pollution in the shelf Ambassla.- 6 dam Sprayer: - It is very important to know how it works sprayer washing machine in order to get the best cleaner, so always be sure not to put any large pieces may clog the sprayer or hinder full efficiency and therefore did not get all the parts washing Alh.- 7 up and down alternately: - put forks and spoons contiguous with each other and lead to adhesion of the remains of a meal so make sure to put it in both directions to get clean is uncertain. On the direction of knives should always be down for more Aloman.- 8 waste of resources: - The idea that the washing machine is full of the best half of the accumulated, but in fact is a waste of resources such as water, powder and electricity even wait until filled the whole or wash small numbers manually, as it is for the left half full may wander dishes as a result of vibration has been broken may Abdo.- 9 Maintenance: - preferably all the work for maintenance of the device washing is to ensure efficient, and can be cleaned from the inside of each session dishwasher-free work with a glass of soda and a cup and a half period cup of vinegar Allbeckrbunat.- 10 evacuation of the washing machine: - Begin the evacuation is always the bottom shelf of them because the water in the course of rotation may accumulate top surface of the cup and sultans and thus fall on the dry dishes

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